'Honey Monster Pimp' Light Up Rave Coat

'Honey Monster Pimp' Light Up Rave Coat


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a jacked up raving honey monster in a flashing light up pimp coat....


Honestly, this is one of my coolest creations...EVER!


Not only is this super warm and snuggly (a dream for anyone feeling tactile), the entire coat is inlayed with remote controlled, battery powered fairy lights which have 8 different settings. The coat has a heavy duty metal zip, two outter pockets, two inner pockets which house your battery/control packs for the lights, and one super sneaky secret pocket ;).


Be the King of the rave in this incredible piece of iconic fashion!


Each coat is made to order, and can feature a lining print of your choice. The coat featured in the pictures has intergallactic galaxy print lining!


Made in sizes XS - XXXL


Contact me for enquiries and further details!


Peace out ravers :P